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How FairPlayBTC Is Changing Lives

What Is A Crowd Funding?

Crowdfunding is a powerful way to fund anything you need in life. You can use this model to collect donations, to pay multitudes of different things.
  • Unexpected Medical Bills
  • Critical Illness or Injury
  • Any Hardships
  • Community Services
  • College Education
  • Family Vacation
  • Politcal Campaigns
  • Financial Freedom
The options are endless. Some of our team members are joining to get funding donations just to make sure Donald Trump does not get re-elected.

If you are worried about the legalities of Crowd Funding, you only need to know that US President Obama signed legislation to legalize Crowd Funding in 2012. Here you have an opportunity to get involved with 2 of the hottest trends going today - Bitcoin and Crowd Funding.

What Is Fair Play BTC?

FairPlayBTC (btc=bitcoin) has created a unique crowdfunding platform that will help friends gain funds to support their families and others, pay for unexpected medical bills, housing needs, food and clothing, education needs, transportation need wipe out all their debts, get funds for a special project or the many other worthy causes in this world.

Fair Play BTC is focused on making a difference in our friends lives, one friend at a time. We are bringing together a community of like-minded friends who also have a desire to make a difference in the lives of their friends.

Our concept is simple. The more you give, the more you are able to receive. Our platform starts with giving. Once you decide to contribute to helping friends to take care of their needs and others needs and take the action of contributing to it, you will be put in a position to receive contributions from friends who choose to fund your lives.

There is a real need for what we have put together, together we are engaging friends and impacting lives. If all of you simply do what you are capable of doing and get 3 people in Fair Play BTC, then the sky is the limit. This amazing program has a huge potential and there's no reason it can't have millions of members someday. It can do a lot of good in this world!

"Together we can change the lives of our family and friends lives"

The only way to make this happen is to take action NOW!

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Important!!! Before you register with Fair Play BTC, make sure you have a bitcoin wallet account pre-loaded with at least 0.200 bitcoin credit! The videos below will show you how. After you have done this, you can register with Bitcoin Funding Team.

Disclaimer: Any income claims presented on this website are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they're designed to give you an idea of what's possible. Success in any opportunity requires taking action, work, leadership and dedication. Disclosure documents are located here.

Past results do not guarantee future results. Even though overspill is happening, it does not guarantee that you will receive any overspill! If you become a Fair Play BTC member and do nothing at all to promote your own crowd funding project, chances are you will not get the results that the people promoting it will get. If this is the case then it is not for you!

How To Setup a Blockchain Bitcoin Account

This video will show you how to setup a non-hackable encrypted ProtonMail account to use for your Blockcahin account and how to set up your Blockchain Bitcoin account. With Blockchain, you can send, receive and buy Bitcoin. You cannot take money out of blockchain. To cashout Bitcoin, you can register for a Bitcoin Exchange Service and send your Bitcoin directly to it. Some will offer a Visa debit card for buying or cashing out at automatic teller machines. Note: This video will open up in a new window.

How To Setup Coinbase

Make sure your bitcoin account is loaded with at least 0.2000 bitcoin first before you register with Fair Play BTC below!

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