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USI-TECH is a highly advanced technology company which specializes in the development and implementation of automated trading software in the FOREX and Cryptocurrency markets. Plus they have invested millions into crypto-currency mining technology. USI-Tech promises to work for each customer until they reach a minimum of 40% returns on thier purchases. This usually takes about a half year to happen. One can earn a lot more buy reinvesting their profits causing a compounding effect which can lead to much higher profits.

16 Reasons to get involved with USI–Tech?

  1. 100% legitimate 10-year-old company headquarted in Dubai
  2. Owners are very transparent and accessible
  3. REAL funtional products and patended software
  4. Passive Income, earn up to 1% daily earnings 5 days per week
  5. Profits from Forex and Cryptocurrency Trading and Mining
  6. Blockchain Technology is free of governmental intervention
  7. NO recruiting and NO experience required
  8. NO ADMIN or MONTHLY fees to use the system
  9. Withdraw directly to your perfered BITCOIN wallet
  10. Option to rebuy with profits to increase earnings
  11. Lucrative Business Opportunity for Affiliates
  12. Earn 10% commissions on referrals purchases for life
  13. Bonus income through your downline referrals for life
  14. ONLY €50.00 to get started (bitcoin, credit-cards and payza accepted)
  15. Excellent team support for our group including Facebook and Skype
  16. Free to register here:
Plus USI-Tech has gone to great lengths by hiring both MLM attorneys, SEC attorneys, and industry consultants to make sure the company is legal not only in the US but around the world. The best part is that the Federal Trade Commission, SEC and other governmental agencies have NO authority over blockchain technology!

How USI-Tech Creates & Multiplies Your Bitcoin

Step 1: Register for a free account, verify your account per email and then login to your back office to get started.

Step 2: Purchase btc(bitcoin) mining packages costing 50 Euro dollars each (plus external payment processing fees). Each package will return up to 1% daily 5 days a week. Once each package returns you 140%, the package will expire. This can take up to 140 business days, about half a year. We recomend that you buy at least 20 btc packages at first. And everytime your profits reach 50 dollars, you then buy a new package to increase your earnings. At this point, you are earning up to 1% daily on 21 packages instead of just 20. Always repurchase everytime you have enough profit for the next package and your earnings will keep on increasing. By doing this, you can earn much higher profits anually on your money passively.

Step 3: Refer others to USI-Tech and earn 10% commissions all all their purchases and repurchases for life. This can be life changing for small investors. You also earn bonuses when your referrals refer others.

Step 4: Prove your identity which is required by law to be able to withdraw funds. Instructions clearly shows how in your back office.

Step 5: Optional. Puchase a license to use the number 1 selling trading software on the market today and start earning big profits from the same automatic trading software that investment bankers have been using for over 10 years now. Instructions are located in your back office.

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USI-Tech will GROW your BTC(bitcoin) over time. Conservatively speaking, 1 BTC in a half year will be 1.4 BTC. That's a 40% increase without doing anything but being a passive customer. When you buy 1 BTC at any other exchanges, in a half year, you still have the same 1 BTC. It's a WIN-WIN proposition when you buy BTC at USI-Tech. In a year from now, experts anticipate the BTC to be OVER $20k. Don't hold off anymore. You don't have to spend $10k to buy 1 BTC. USI-Tech will allow you to start as small as €60. Rebuying packages with your profits will increase your earnings – growing your bitcoins faster. When you refer others, you can use your commissions to buy more packages or you can choose to cash out.

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Usi-Tech is changing the world of investing by 140%


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